Strokemark Team


Co-CEO (Product)

Ex-McKinsey & Company, previous start-up leadership


Co-founder, Co-CEO (Marketing)

Former Editor-in-Chief of Yedioth Ahronoth, Israel’s largest newspaper

Björn Crüts

Co-founder, CSO (Chief Science Officer)

Researcher in Neuroscience & Biological Psychology


Co-founder, Board Member

Bertelsmann Foundation, Sr VP

Strategic leadership and ex-McKinsey business expertise, deep knowledge of the German healthcare economy

Michael Fliderbaum​

Co-founder, Board Chairman

International investor and entrepreneur in leading technology start-ups. Advocate of body-mind- consciousness methods of healing

Nadav Perry

Co-founder, Board Member

Google EMEA, Head of YouTube Products, Solutions, and Innovation

Tech-sector expertise, Google experience of scaling and building a digital health ecosystem

Rafael Zoldan​

VP Digital Operations and Marketing

Co-founder of, leading artificial intelligence marketing platform

Pamela Muschter​

Editing Manager

MA in Teaching English, Experienced high-school English teacher, and former customer service manager

Sarah Viner

Community Leader

Msc. in Occupational Therapy. Experience working with patients with a variety of physical & mental disabilities. ​