The Strokemark
“Patient First”

What is Strokemark?

Strokemark is about caring for those affected by stroke and those who wish to reduce the risk of a stroke. We put patients first, focusing on finding ways to improve our services to help people like you – those who need guidance after a stroke. Providing knowledge, support, and hope to stroke patients is what we do as a company.

Let us be clear: we are not committed to healthcare providers, hospitals, clinics, or insurance companies. No commissions, no kickbacks, no conflicts of interest. We keep things straight and simple and only focus on our mission.

Sometimes we provide information about products or suggest a link to Amazon or another retailer. We do this to give you practical tips and to help you find things that might be useful. We get no financial reward for this.

The same policy applies to your data and information. We will not sell it or misuse it in any way. We respect your privacy. Although this is legally stated in our privacy policy (link), we want to reassure you that your information is protected.

Strokemark’s Vision

Our vision is to better the lives of stroke patients by providing access to the wealth of the knowledge available. Much of this knowledge is not accessible to the average person. However, it contains a lot of information that can help stroke patients. That’s why we decided to start Strokemark. We wanted to bridge the gap between scientific knowledge and practical information. We have become America’s first post-stroke digital knowledge service.

Each month, over 2000 new scientific studies are published. You can’t just read them freely on Google. And since they come from various scientific fields (neurology, cardiology, psychiatry, physical therapy, to name a few), the members of our Strokemark team are probably the only ones who sift through all of them, systematically choosing the publications that might be helpful for you.

One thing that many people don’t realize is that it often takes years for new evidence to trickle down from a scientific publication to your local therapy center. Unfortunately, that just so happens to be the pace of knowledge transfer.  

Helping You to Take Control of Your Recovery Program

In many cases, stroke patients are treated as if they are all the same. While best-practice science and medicine is becoming more personalized, many stroke patients get the same one-size-fits-all treatment as in the 80s. Therapists care, but they aren’t always aware of the new findings. We make you privy to this information so that you can choose to discuss it with your therapist or doctor.

We also value your experience as a stroke patient. You all have stories to share about what worked for you or what didn’t. We invite you to share those stories. With your permission, we would like to help you learn from one another, build a support team, and get better together.

Your Doctors and Therapists Are Important

We do not replace your doctor and cannot promise results. Stroke recovery is different for everyone and so much depends on the motivation, drive, and commitment of the patient and caregivers. However, we do provide you with the most recent insights from science to speed up your rehabilitation, or even restart your recovery when you hit a plateau in your healing process.

Strokemark is a premium service that enables you and others to discover the best path for your stroke recovery.

Since each person’s journey is unique, no one, including us, can guarantee results. But, we can offer many practical options to consider and see if one works for you. Our Strokemark team has reported on many hopeful stories where patients see improvements even years after a stroke. So, the bottom line is: keep working hard because trying is half the battle.