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Ready for a new approach to your stroke rehabilitation? Join the patients who have already seen remarkable results using our 6-week courses on walking and arm/hand improvements. Scientifically-backed exercises designed specifically for stroke survivors.

You have enough to think about after having a stroke, that’s why Strokemark takes the guesswork out of what you should be doing to compliment your rehabilitation. Research shows that almost all stroke patients could do more than just their regular rehab, so we’ve come up with a plan that you can do at home in between your scheduled appointments. We want you to reach your full recovery potential.

Our scientifically-backed program supports you on your journey. Whether you’re a stroke survivor or caregiver, our app gives you a clear plan for each day and explains why the exercises are important. You’ll feel good knowing what you need to be doing and why it works.

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Check out this new way to cheat your brain with “electrical noise” stimulation

Researchers have tried everything from electrical pulses to magnets to stimulate areas of the brain affected by stroke. They look for new ways to supplement recovery. While these high-tech rehabilitation techniques have so far been met with mixed results, there are other promising means to improve the brain’s capacity to adapt and get better. One…

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New finding: when it comes to stroke recovery, your dedication might pay off

Rehabilitation is a big part of life following ischemic stroke. When dealing with the day-to-day requirements of chronic stroke (including the risk of second or recurrent stroke), anything that makes your dedication to recovery feel worthwhile can have a significant impact on how you think about your new, post-stroke life. With this in mind, there is…

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Watch this video: a recent Korean study suggests an easy way to improve your gait and balance

Things just got a bit easier! A recent Korean study has shown that the free and easy-to-practice circuit training (simple lower limbs and legs training) can significantly improve your balance and gait abilities. In a recent 2017 Korean study, researchers found that circuit training (such as sit to stand, one-leg standing and other lower limb…

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We invite you, your family, and friends to join our community of stroke survivors. Here you find the most up-to-date, relevant, and reliable (evidence-based) information on the web about stroke and stroke recovery.

We hope you’ll connect with other Strokemark members and share experiences, tips, and personal stories.

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