The future is here: hook your brain up to a robot to assist your hand

What if robots could read your mind? That seems to be the future of stroke rehabilitation and therapy. Russian researchers are working on a new and exciting treatment that could potentially help stroke patients regain better motor function than ever before. This exciting new technology uses robot-assisted therapy combined with a brain-computer interface (BCI) that…

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Review just out – magnetic therapy can help recovery of your arm and hand function after stroke

Repetitive transcranial magnetic stimulation, known as rTMS, is a relatively new and auspicious therapy in the medical world. The device directly stimulates electrical activity in the brain with magnetic pulses. The pulses are transmitted through the head, so there is no need for invasive procedures or surgery. Given the potential for jumpstarting dormant areas of…

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Strategy training is much more important than you think even if the patient has attentional problems

Goal. Plan. Do. Check. These are the steps of strategy training, a practical tool to help stroke patients identify, assess, and solve problems on the road to regaining their independence. Most therapists consider strategy training useful for patients who have a good grasp of their strengths and weaknesses (good self-awareness). But typically it is not…

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