This recovery story of a 26-year-old stroke patient starts in her inbox and ends in a bike ride

February 13, 2018

Mary is 26 years old. Five years ago, out of nowhere, she had a stroke. Back in 2013, she was only 21 years old, but her age is not as unique as you might think. Many young people, including children, can suddenly suffer from a stroke. It can hit anyone.

Like many other patients, Mary felt like her improvement curve hit a wall after some time. After reading a Strokemark article informing (and encouraging) her how to rethink therapy, things changed for her. This is Mary’s account and recovery story – in her own words.

“When I got out of the hospital, I received a standard therapy and rehab program for few months. But it was pretty generic. There was nothing personal in my treatment regiment. Although it was basically a one-size-fits-all process, it wasn’t that bad. I made some progress and got a bit better. However, after some time, I stopped seeing improvements – nothing was changing anymore. I started to believe that there really was a 6-month window of opportunity for recovery. And I was seeing my window close. The thing I wanted most was to ride my bike. But it didn’t feel like that was going to happen anytime soon, or maybe ever at all.

“I never knew that so many studies about people just like me were out there and that the 6-month myth is really just a myth. Five years after my stroke, I got my first Strokemark science report in my inbox. I was blown away. I found out that, according to the latest studies, if I change my training and work with neurofeedback, I might actually have a chance to get better! How was I supposed to know that? With a new-found energy to search for a therapist, I found one who was willing to listen to me and guide me like a pro athlete.

“This changed everything: I combined neurofeedback treatments with high-intensity physical therapy. At first, I started to get better control over my body. After some time, I could stand briefly on one leg. Then I continued to get better. It is now 7 months after I started therapy, and I can ride my bike again. I’m even back at work. I also participate in several stroke self-help groups. Because of Strokemark, I got the information I needed to regain control of my life.” 


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