This Hollywood trend has just been declared effective in stroke recovery

February 5, 2018

If you’ve never tried a Pilates class, you might want to check one out. Recent studies suggest that doing Pilates may help improve life quality for chronic stroke patients. Pilates is a fun workout that incorporates balls, magic rings, and therabands to help you maximize stretching and toning exercises that may be difficult for you. As a result of using these items, people are able to achieve proper posture and maximize training.

In the first half of the 20th century, a German physical trainer, Joseph Pilates, invented the concept behind this trend. Pilates then spread like wildfire. Now the workout is extremely popular all over the world. You see celebrities and neighbors doing it. More and more Pilates studios keep popping up in every city. What’s great about Pilates is that it’s open to everyone, no matter how strong or fit you may or may not be. It promotes not only physical fitness but also mental health.

Pilates and stroke patients

Korean researchers recently found that this hip trend can help chronic stroke patients recover function and live better. They studied forty patients with chronic stroke by having one group perform regular Pilates training twice a week for 12 weeks, while the other group did occupational therapy with no exercise-related activities. Stroke patients who were regularly engaged in Pilates had remarkably better scores on their quality of life assessments. Improvements were seen in many aspects of life, including physical, social, and psychological domains.

Consider joining the Hollywood trend and find a Pilates class that meets your needs! In addition to being a fun workout that anyone can enjoy, it is a great way to promote recovery. It’s relatively low intensity, making it perfect for elderly people who have suffered a stroke. If you can’t find a good trainer near you, you can even try the exercises at home. There are many simple, do-it-yourself videos for this workout online. Doing a Pilates video at home with friends can be a great option for you too.



The lead author of this publication is Dr. Jun from the Department of Rehabilitation Sports Lab, Korea Nazarene University, Republic of Korea.

Editorial note:

Pilates can be a great option to add to your regular physical therapy program.

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