Research shows that MOTOmed works! Find out how you can maximize your recovery at home.

September 5, 2018

When it comes to stroke recovery, less is not more. It’s been proven in many studies that the more you exercise, the better you’ll do in the long run. But acute rehab can be tiring and expensive. When you’re training multiple hours a day almost every day at high intensity, the last thing you want to do is to continue to exercise when you’re home too. But aerobic activities, like walking and jogging, have been proven to improve stroke recovery, even for people in the chronic phase. The catch is that it only works if you do it consistently for an extended period. That’s much easier said than done! But what if there was a way to make working out easier? That’s where MOTOmed comes in.

Who is MOTOmed and what do they do?

Some of you may already be familiar with this exercise equipment. The MOTOmed company designs a variety of exercise devices you might have seen at rehab, but can also use yourself at home. There are several models, and they vary regarding what part of the body they might focus on. What’s interesting is that this sleek, modern workout device has actually been shown to help improve stroke recovery. These devices have both passive and active modes, and they sometimes provide you with visual feedback during your training. There’s even a flat mode where you can enjoy a risk-free alternative to aerobics like jogging or cycling.

Researching the effectiveness of MOTOmed training

Recently, Chinese researchers reviewed 19 studies that examined the use of MOTOmed equipment for stroke patients. Though the quality of evidence varied in many of the studies, all studies found that MOTOmed was helpful. Most of the studies came out of China and included a total of 1099 patients. Using a MOTOmed device, 11 of the trials had patients train for 20 minutes, 6 programs had patients train for 30 minutes, and the patients from 1 study trained for 40 minutes at a time. Most exercise programs lasted between 4-12 weeks with 5-7 training sessions per week.

Let MOTOmed help you reach your personal best

In general, MOTOmed seemed to help stroke patients with one-sided weakness. The special training programs seemed to benefit mobility and function in everyday activities. You can find one for a few thousand dollars, about the same or slightly more than the cost of an expensive treadmill. It’s not cheap but might be worth it, especially if you’re already investing in some gym equipment at home. Though it’s not a replacement for our structured rehab programs, MOTOmed gives us a unique opportunity to continue training at home. We may never get to where we were before a stroke, but we can try our best to regain as much strength as we can! Being able to get around and do simple daily tasks could mean the difference between living at home and needing a nursing home. MOTOmed can help us give stroke recovery our best shot.

The lead author of this study was Cuiling Shen, the Fujian University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Fuzhou, China.

What you can do with this information

Editorial note:

MOTOmed exercise equipment has been proven to help in stroke rehabilitation. You can get a device to use at home and speed up your recovery.

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