Our program!

Our team combs through thousands of scientific articles to see what’s new in the field of stroke rehabilitation. We take the relevant findings and build them into our plan. This way, you get the most out of every exercise. Our courses are tested before we bring them to you. When there is evidence that a new course works, we make it available to you. You’ll see new courses offered periodically. Try the ones that you think will help you.

Every stroke is different and each patient has a different functional level afterward. That’s why our programs can be personalized. We start where you are. Our first order of business is to assess your current level so that we can adjust your plan. From there, we set your goals and accompany you along the way.

Many patients tell us that they want to do more for their recovery, but they just aren’t sure what will work in addition to their regular rehab. Strokemark gives you a clear plan of what to do each day. No need to wait until your next appointment to get some instructions.

With Strokemark, you are not alone on your journey. We offer you support so that you can see some changes. That’s why we send you reminders to do your daily challenges and monitor your progress. We make sure you stay on track.

So download your APP now and start getting back in take charge of your stroke recovery!