COVID 19 – How Strokemark is adapting its stroke rehabilitation program

At Strokemark, we have always felt that it’s important for stroke patients to have the chance to continue to improve their health once they’ve left a rehab center. Our at-home rehab program has been years in the making. And now, as the coronavirus crisis creating a new normal for many people, this topic is all…

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COVID-19 – stay active and improve your health after a stroke with self-monitoring!

Exercise improves your health. The corona crisis, however, is making it harder for all of us to get moving. But now, it’s especially important to put in the extra effort to stay fit and active because doing so actually boosts your immunity. Getting out might be challenging at the moment, and maybe you are self-isolating,…

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COVID-19: Stroke patients can boost their immunity with exercise

The coronavirus crisis is not only changing the way we live, but it is also changing the way that we see things. For many people, that means we are being more cautious than usual about our health by looking for ways that we can protect ourselves. Staying home, washing your hands, and disinfecting surfaces are…

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